Aloe Vera Sambrani & Agarbathis

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'Sambrani & Agarbathis Benefits: For Babies, Hair Drying, Cold & Mosquitoes'

Description :

Benefits of Sambrani & Agarbathis :
1) The steam will seep out of the pores of the straw basket. If we keep our wet hair near the basket, it will dry it very soon and also leave a beautiful fragrant smell in our hair.
2) Even if we have hair wash during winter months, if we use sambrani, we will not get a headache, especially if we have long, thick hair.
3) I try to follow this tradition, once in a while. Sambrani is also used for babies, after children have their bath, sambrani is lit and brought in that room.
4)This prevents them from catching a cold but make sure not to bring the smoke too near the babies, as it will make them cough. No auspicious day is complete without sambrani, sambrani is always lit during our prayers and rituals.
5) The purpose of burning agarbatti is to purify the bad air.
6) Its fragrance helps your body to relax and assists in development of will power. It affects the magnetic forces around you.
7) I its aroma is heavenly and is often called the "nectar of gods”. Its fragrance is used to treat many diseases in aromatherapy. It is believed to attract true love to your life.
8) It was used in Egypt in ancient times for healing purposes as stimulant. Its fragrance improves concentration.